A story of femininity

An e-commerce site-magazine

A pop-up destination to stage our pieces

“Embracing longevity and movement”


"Being in the wind: a dead leaf ambition". Milan Kundera

Who are they?

After creating a brand (Bonpoint), a style, places, concepts (Merci), after selling Merci, Marie-France Cohen teamed up with her stepdaughter Stéphanie Cohen and their friend Elysa Masliah to write a new story.

They dream of sharing with you their love of beauty, quality, simplicity, originality, elegance…

They dream of gentleness, of leaving time for time, of giving a beautiful, gentle home to your loved ones, gentle clothes to your body, gentle beauty to your eyes, gentle friendship to your heart.

They love

impertinence, difference, singularity. style over fashion, over décor, the singular beauty of personal spaces, comfort, togetherness, the right proportions and harmonious colours, practicality, quality, simplicity…

They take their time to share their discoveries with you and invite talent into your home.

Photo by Francesca Mantovani

The team

behind démodé

Today, DÉMODÉ is a new story.

Marie-France, Stéphanie & Elysa have imagined a concept that revolves around femininity, poetry, difference, aesthetics, all driven by the idea that fashion is the only thing that goes out of fashion.

A poetic world of decoration, usefulness, comfort, scents, charm...

A site that is deliberately aesthetic but in a different way, in the form of a magazine. A dream world, a boutique-theatre.

Photo by Francesca Mantovani


Our 1st act

The First Act, “An artist at home”, was born from their collaboration with painter Gaël Davrinche. The pop-up shop will be held in legendary bistro Tourrette at 70 Rue de Grenelle, in Paris’s 7th arrondissement.

The décor will change regularly, with different colours and fabrics and their new discoveries.

Twenty-two shades available on velvet, linen, voile, leather, paper…

The premises will also exhibit their creations and objects chosen to beautify and individualise your lounge, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen…

DÉMODÉ, a never-ending
desire to share beauty.